Watt From Pedro

I had a fun discussion with the one and only Mike Watt yesterday on his @wattfrompedro podcast. It was a real pleasure especially since fIREHOSE was one of my favorite bands as a skate punk kid growing up in Texas! We go way back on this one… Ever heard my first band 7th Floor from 1989? Nope – and you never will. Ha! But we talk about it. We also discuss and play music from my latest ambient collaboration with Paul Carman “Murals For Immersion” as well as Toler Gibson, Head Shoppe, Francesca Brown, Furry Things, and more.

Head Shoppe “Seance”

The new Head Shoppe single titled ‘Seance’ is out now via @meadows.heavy.recorders! I had the pleasure of producing and playing on the album and I truly love what we did. LP coming June 7th! The beautifully tripped out murder-mystery short film ‘Seance’ by @studio_sparks_ is out now as well and had a nice write up at Post Magazine.